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5 Reasons to go to the Tucson Women’s Comedy Festival

Lady comedians are taking over Tucson this weekend And you don’t want to miss it. The three-day festival will spotlight lady comedians from Tucson and beyond with panel discussions, workshops and shows that celebrate women in comedy and improv. Catherine Bartlett, the Tucson Women’s Comedy Festival director, says the event is about looking at all the great women out there and putting them on a pedestal. Here are a few reasons to go: This is the first ever Tucson Women’s Comedy Festival It’s the first time anyone has done something like this, and Bartlett hopes the community comes out to support these women. It’s cheap and you can pick what you want. Shows are only $5, and you can pick which ones you want to go to. There are so many shows to choose from. And when you’re done, get a drink with your friends on Fourth Avenue — the perfect way to start the evening. Buy your tickets in advance online or at the box office 30 minutes before each show. It’s for everyone Get the family together to watch two three-member improv teams compete to be the audience favorite in Throwdown from 7:30-8:30 p.m. on Saturday. Enjoy snacks and drinks ($1-2) while you’re there. You’ll get something out of it You get to learn and participate. There are a couple opportunities for the audience to attend workshops. They’re $50 each. They’ve partnered with the YWCA’s Project Period and other local women-run businesses Help girls and women in need by donating tampons and sanitary pads. Take them with you to any Saturday show, and if helping a girl in need wasn’t already awesome enough, you’ll get entered to win a prize. One product equals one raffle ticket and there’s a drawing after each show. The prizes are donated by local women-run businesses 

What: Tucson Women’s Comedy Festival

When: Shows and workshops are spread out through Thursday, Feb. 23 to Saturday, Feb. 25. Find the full schedule here.

Where: Tucson Improv Movement, 329 E. Seventh St.

Cost: All shows are $5. Workshops are $50.

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